The Juliana Pig Association & Registry

Welcome to the Juliana Pig Association & Registry. The goal of this association is to register animals and educate individuals about the Juliana pig breed.

As Juliana pigs grow in popularity there is a great need to record pedigrees and register eligible animals. The Juliana Pig Association & Registry (JPAR) will strive to provide this service to purebred and percentage Juliana pigs. If you are interested in registering your pig please click on the links to the left to learn about the process, forms, and fees.

Education is the key to success in breeding or owning a small pet pig. The JPAR hopes to provide the pig community with the resources it needs to keep our little piggy friends happy and healthy. Our Mini Pig Care and Information page will always be a work in progress and we would encourage member and non-members alike to submit information for publishing on the JPAR website.

If you are intersted in connecting with other Juliana pig breeders and owners please join our Yahoo group. There are picture galleries and topics of interest waiting to be discussed!