Code of Ethics

The Juliana Pig Association & Registry has the goal to record, register and promote Juliana pigs for the benefit of owners, breeders and hobbyists. Breeder members agree to raise and/or own pigs in an ethical manner by following a Code of Ethics detailed below:

  1. Breeders agree to feed and water their animals in an appropriate manner for healthy growth. Underfeeding or starving is strictly prohibited.

  2. Breeders agree to provide pigs with appropriate indoor or outdoor housing. Housing pigs outside with no form of shelter is prohibited.

  3. Breeders agree that each piglet they produce and sell can be returned to them for any reason at any point in it's life. The pig can then be rehomed or situated as the breeder sees fit. Refunds, travel expenses, etc. are up the the individual breeder.

  4. Breeders agree to sell piglets either spayed or neutered. Spay /neuter contract are also acceptable unless that animal is specifically being sold as a breeding animal. Sales of breeding animals should only be transacted with other reputable breeders.

  5. Breeders agree to handle and socialize their piglets between the ages of 2 - 8 weeks if they are to be placed in pet homes.

  6. Breeders agree to keep piglets with their mothers until they are eating solid foods naturally. Orphaned piglets, incapable mothers, or emergencies are the exception. Selling as "bottle babies" is prohibited.

  7. Breeders are required to place piglets in new homes ONLY when they are eating solid foods and physically able to travel and adjust to the stresses of a new environment.

  8. Breeders understand that every piglet they produce is deserving of an appropriate home. Screening and educating potential buyers is essential. Breeders agree not to sell their pigs through auctions, pet shops or brokers.

  9. Breeders agree to make potential owners aware of the need to check local ordinances/zoning for ownership before sale.

  10. Breeders understand that any falsification of information pertaining to registration will result in immediate withdrawal of membership and voiding of registration papers until animals can be inspected by a member of the registry.

  11. Breeders agree to be open and honest about the size of their mature breeding pigs. False representation of sizes qualifies as grounds for immediate removal from membership. Breeders agree to tell potential buyers that pigs continue to grow for 3 years. Any breeder consistently understating the size of their pigs will allow the Registrar, Secretary, or an agent of JPAR to visit and weigh their pigs.

  12. Breeders agree to comply with all local. state, and federal transportation of livestock regulations. This includes, but is not limited to, health certificates, permanent identification and vaccination protocols. Breeders also agree to abide by airline or other carrier regulations.

*Failure to follow or agree to the Code of Ethics will disqualify an individual from membership or advertising on the Breeder Referral Page but will not necessarly disqualify an individual from registering his or her pigs.